6 Simple Ways To Dress More Eco Friendly

Slow fashion is becoming more and more popular. People want to know where their clothes are coming from and who made them. Here are 6 simple tips to help you look great while still keeping up your eco credentials.


1. Wear what you already own

Obvious? Maybe, but it is so easy to think that you need to buy something new for every occasion. And occasions are the worst! How many times have you been invited to a wedding and think you need to buy a new dress? Instead take some time to really familiarise yourself with the clothes in your wardrobe. Try wearing them in different combinations, you might find some surprising new outfits.  Pinterest is a great way to find new ways to wear an old piece of clothing.

2. Buy less

Vivienne Westwood was onto something when she said the now famous words “Buy less, choose well.” I know for a fact that you don’t need as much clothing as you think you do and it is still a concept I struggle with today. Last year I donated a big pile of t shirts that were either too big or too small and bought three perfectly fitting tees in different colours. However in hindsight I should have bought one new t shirt and waited to see if I actually needed three (I didn’t.) I’ve since seen other t shirts that would probably suit me better. I only really wear them in the middle of summer anyway so I still have more than I regularly wear.

3. Buy secondhand

Something until recently, I used to balk at. I struggled with the rummage factor, preferring clean, minimalist shops. However, once I came across the Oxfam online shop I knew I was onto a winner. Now I enjoy nothing more than a rummage round a second hand shop. Buying secondhand means clothing stops it from going to landfill, and less energy and water is going into making new clothing. It is a much better option for the environment. I recently realised just how many different types of secondhand and vintage stores that are around. It can be particularly exciting to find a good one while travelling somewhere new. Check out my instagram where I share outfits, often wearing secondhand clothing that I’ve picked up.

4. Choose natural fabrics

Do you know that you don’t actually need to wash pure wool or cashmere? If there is no stains on the garment, its better to air it out after wearing. Not only will this save you time and money, it also means your clothes will look good for a lot longer. Plus natural fibres are so much kinder to the environment. And they feel SO MUCH NICER on the skin! I’ve lost count of the times I’ve worn polyester in the summer, only to feel like I’m about to combust with the heat and then feel frozen as soon as the temperatures drop. Now I prefer to try and find cotton or linen in the summer, both of which are kinder to the environment and let the skin breathe.

5. Ask yourself if you will wear it more than 30 times

I guarantee this question will make you stop and think. Livia Firth from EcoAge first started the 30 Wears Campaign to make it easier to ask ourselves if we really will wear a new piece of clothing before we buy it. For example, I find it almost impossible to wear an evening dress 30 times so I’ve taken to buying only classic dresses that I know I can get more wear of. I also now prefer skirt and tops as I find them easier to restyle in different ways. It can be wasteful and stressful to have a wardrobe full of clothing that you just don’t wear.

6. Buy from ethical and sustainable brands

There are so many good ethical and sustainable brands to buy new clothes from. I love to research brands and will be adding my favourites to the website very soon!




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  • What is the one piece of clothing that you couldn’t live without? 
For me its denim. It can be an incredibly intensive process to grow enough cotton to produce one pair of jeans. Followed with harsh dyes, chemicals, acids – all of which pollute the environment and can be detrimental to health of people producing the denim.

One way we can avoid this is to buy from ethical brands or buy secondhand. My top 5 options for buying ethical and sustainable denim are linked in the bio. 
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