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... and gardens have many surprises ...

bobtail lizard skink australian photograph garden
Australian Bobtail Lizard - lives in our garden

One day, unnoticed and unannounced, a Bobtail Lizard literally 'dropped into' our garden. There is no easy way in to our garden for a Bobtail and, unless it can climb walls, there is no way out. It behaved as if it had been in this environment forever and as its presence was non-threatening we let it be.

One day when my husband was gardening, and the Bobtail Lizard was wandering around, he decided to set it free - "give it a life," he said - and put it over the wall onto a vacant block where it could live a quiet life and perhaps find a mate.

To his surprise, within half an hour the Bobtail was back. Instead of wandering off to freedom it decided to drop (the fall would be about 1 1/2 metres) back into its favourite haunt.

Years later it lives in our garden still, wandering as it pleases, taking shelter in its favourite spots, hibernating during the cooler months and looking sleek and healthy.

bobtail lizard skink australian photograph garden
Bobtail Lizard - trying to hide under the 'Moses in the Cradle' plants

The Bobtail Lizard is one of the most well known of the Australian lizards and is a member of the blue-tongue lizard family. When threatened it will raise its head, open its mouth as wide as it can and show its blue tongue.
They can grow to 45 cm in length and can live up to twenty years.
So, happily, it looks as though this lizard will be lazing in our garden for a few years to come.

*** money can't buy the real joys in life ***

I wrote the above post in January, 2011.
Since then we have had two other bobtails enter (drop into) our garden.

Sadly, one became unwell and died but the other one has settled happily into life in our garden. Rarely do we see the two together but we often used to ponder how exciting it would be if they were a pair. As the years past we decided they couldn't be.

However, this morning my husband came in from the garden with some exciting news.
There was a baby bobtail in our garden!
We've no idea how old it is but it is about 18cms long, lively and looking very healthy.

bobtail lizard australian skink
Baby Bobtail Lizard in our Garden - trying to hide behind the pot plants

bobtail lizard australian skink

I've read that a bobtail can give birth to a brood of one to four.
Wouldn't it be exciting if we found another little one in our garden.


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